Our Team

We take seriously our responsibility to provide homes and safe harbor to the thousands of people who call AIR Communities home, and we couldn’t do that without the AIR team. Day after day, our team shows us how committed they are to AIR Communities' mission: To consistently provide quality apartment homes in a respectful environment delivered by a team of people who care.

We can’t imagine a team more consistent than ours – doing their best to maintain our standards in unprecedented circumstances. There isn’t a team out there more caring than ours – continuing to show up for our residents in this time of need. To us, they’ve always been essential.

Any teammate diagnosed with Covid-19 or placed into quarantine by doctor’s orders will receive paid time off during the quarantine period. This additional pay while away from work is to ensure our teammates have the time they need to return to good health without the worry of lost income. Teammates who test positive for Covid-19 must be symptom-free and provide documentation from their physician before returning to work.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that those aged 65 and up and those with serious underlying health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease, are at higher risk for severe illness should they become infected with Covid-19. Teammates who fall into one or both categories and who do not feel safe coming into work are encouraged to use their accrued paid time off to self-isolate. We understand there are some teammates who are struggling to come to work due to school closures and a lack of childcare. We encourage teammates in these circumstances also to use their paid-time off options to find the right balance. Teammates who have used all of their accrued time off have been asked to reach out to their HR partner for further assistance.

Covid-19 is a new disease we are learning more about every day. As such, our guidance may also continue to evolve as we work through this public health crisis.While the months ahead may be challenging, we will remain true to our core values of integrity, respect, collaboration, customer focus, and performance. As a team, we will renew our commitment to each other, and we will succeed together. 

Our Residents

Since AIR Communities' Covid-19 Task Force first began navigating and discussing this new virus, our goal has been to lead with care, caution, transparency and fact-based decision-making. Our hope is that the proactive actions we’ve taken have meaningful impact on our shared Covid-19 defense strategy.

Across the country, AIR Communities' communities have closed amenity spaces to comply with social distancing guidelines and help combat community spread of the virus. We have limited traffic to our leasing and management offices, although our teams remain on-site and responsive via phone and email. AIR has altered its service request system to ensure both the resident and our teams are healthy and well before entering homes. Our team remains hard at work conducting enhanced cleanings and the frequent disinfection of high-touch areas.

To further contain the virus, AIR Communities' Covid-19 Task Force established the safety@aircommunities.com email address as a way for residents and team members alike to self-report confirmed positive cases. This allows us to modify our operations and assist residents as needed to help them get through illness.

Our company has always valued each and every resident.  Even before this public health crisis, we have worked regularly with residents to help them stay in their homes when they experience a health or financial emergency. To help ease the burden of those impacted by Covid-19, we are working with every resident individually to find a solution for each resident’s particular situation.

We have also established a program through AIR Cares, AIR's philanthropic initiative, to support customers with more serious needs so we can go above and beyond to help, even at points providing financial assistance for groceries or gift cards.

Challenging weeks remain ahead, either complicated by Covid-19 or the economy. And yet AIR Communities remains committed to the health, safety, and comfort of our residents, and our continued partnership to one another to be good neighbors.

Our Communities

Across the globe, communities are coming together to thank the heroes on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic who are keeping us safe. The medical workers and first responders who are rushing into the public health crisis are also part of our community: as residents, as neighbors, as family members to our teammates.

There is plenty to worry about in times like these; AIR Communities believes a safe and comfortable home should not be one of them – especially for those who are working to keep us healthy.

We partner with local hospitals positioned near our communities to provide homes to front line healthcare workers who’ve had to temporarily relocate to help us fight the virus. These temporary accommodations are a thank you to those who are continuously putting themselves at risk, with the added anxiety of working somewhere new, so Covid-19 patients can have the expert care they need.

We are proud of our teams and residents for welcoming these heroes into our communities and providing a peaceful environment until they can return home to their families. Read the press release from our technology partner, Xfinity.

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