AIR Communities’ apartments create an exceptional living experience for our residents while reducing our environmental footprint and returning value to the company. We are committed to owning and managing properties that strive to meet or exceed healthy building best practices. Our dedicated conservation team, aided by Smart Home and other technologies in all properties, tracks energy and water use to manage costs and reduce environmental impact. We have made substantial investments to change our energy sources to cleaner options while installing energy efficient appliances, fixtures, and lighting. We are intentional in advancing our commitment to conservation while investing in the communities we serve. 



Community is at the core of our business and our purpose. We sign with each resident a "Good Neighbor" contract of reciprocal responsibilities. We value service to others and provide each teammate 15 hours of paid time to become involved in service projects and activities that matter most to them through our philanthropic program, AIR Gives. Support for military families, team directed contributions, scholarships for students of teammates and students in affordable housing are a few examples of our “Give with Gusto” culture.  We recognize the responsibility our business has and partner with a wide range of stakeholders, elected officials, neighbors, and industry partners to create positive outcomes. Our team is our most valuable asset and we embrace and support teammates of different backgrounds and experiences, as our culture is founded on dignity and respect for all individuals. 



We are committed to corporate governance and have received numerous awards for our independent, diverse, and engaged Board of Directors. Transparency and accountability to shareholders, diligent compliance with laws and regulations, together with an uncompromising commitment to our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics define how we treat our customers and teammates. AIR confirmed the importance of its commitment to ESG by creating a Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer with a broad portfolio to advance and report all of AIR’s ESG activity. 

Invested in energy conservation in 2018 - 2020
Scholarship funds to 630 children of teammates since 2006
9 Years
In a row to be recognized as a "Top Workplace" in Colorado

AIR business activities are defined by a commitment to our mission, vision, and the values which shape the AIR culture. As with all other aspects of our business, our corporate responsibility program is intentional, explicit, and focused on continuous improvement. We strive to provide an exceptional living experience for residents and a great place to work for teammates, to be a good neighbor in the communities we serve and a good steward for our investors.  

We measure success by multiple metrics including customer satisfaction, team engagement, and financial returns.  

Please read AIR's Corporate Policies, our guide to practical strategies that support the overall business goals and create added value in our day-to-day business operations.

"We believe our work is more than a business. It's also a mission to serve others. We are committed to further progress on the achievement, measurement and reporting of our ESG goals."
--Terry Considine, CEO, AIR Communities

In 2020 Aimco separated from AIR. AIR is substantially the business of Aimco.  Linked documents prior to the separation may bear Aimco’s name but all ESG programs have been conducted by the Board and team now known as AIR.


To consistently provide quality apartment homes in a respectful environment delivered by a team of people who care.


To be the best owner and operator of apartment communities, inspired by a talented team committed to exceptional customer service, strong financial performance, and outstanding corporate citizenship.